The Supreme Court, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Your Website

The Supreme Court’s recent decision not to hear a case is a giant leap in the right direction for millions of people with disabilities who require accessibility in order to fully participate in today’s modern world and economy. Many businesses, however, may be wondering what that means for them.

Take Another Shot at Wells Fargo

It’s been almost three years since Wells Fargo paid a $185 million settlement to atone for deceptive and illegal sales practices. Despite a new board chairperson, directors, and CEO (each of whom has pledged to clean up the bank’s act), the firing of 5,300 employees, and an apologetic new brand campaign, the bank remains in turmoil.

Marketing Automation: Do Less with Greater Results

In many financial institutions, you’d be hard pressed to find a major initiative in which the marketing department doesn’t play a role. Now more than ever, you’re being asked to do so much more and often with fewer resources. If you’ve ever wondered how on earth you can balance these efforts and get it all done, you don’t need to clone yourself; you just need better tools.

With Savings Banks on the Decline, Is it Time for a Shift in Customer Strategy?

We've all heard it: The future of community and savings banks is at stake.

It's no secret that community banks are facing difficult times, and with the number of community FIs down 66% nationwide from just 23 years ago, something's got to give.  

One prominent Michigan-based community FI is partnering with Galapagos to meet the challenge head on with a new approach to customer strategy. Read on to understand the changes Eaton Federal Savings Bank is making to lead an industry in decline.

Post Financial Brand Forum: What you learned, what you can put into motion

Bankers around the country returned to their offices last week full of excitement about the things they learned at the 2019 Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas. Unable to attend the Forum? We’ve reviewed some of the common themes of this year’s conference.

Social Media & Residential Lending: Risks and Opportunities

If mortgage is a primary business line for your financial institution, your promotional efforts are probably gaining steam as we head further into spring. Whether you deploy full-fledged campaigns during the peak mortgage season, or utilize steady efforts throughout the year, social media can be a powerful tactic in your promotional toolbox.

In Deposit Acquisition, There Are no 'Easy Buttons'

As human beings, we are conditioned to look for the simplest solutions. We want to push a button and solve a problem. However, in business – and in life – there are rarely silver bullet answers for our challenges. The reality is that there are very few substitutes for doing the hard work. However, the absence of an easy solution does not indicate the absence of opportunity. Read on to learn where the opportunities exist.

2019 planning: “measure twice, cut once” are words to live by

2019 planning: “measure twice, cut once” are words to live by

No matter the cause, the impact of poor planning can be far-reaching: Unrealistic goals can tax the system, demoralize the team, and leave the bank struggling to meet its targets. Taking the time to research or enlist data analysis is sometimes seen as too time-consuming. But the measure-twice, cut-once philosophy can prove to be far more valuable than taking the quickest path to a perceived solution.

Struggling with Checking Deposit Growth? Data Shows That You Aren't Alone

Struggling with Checking Deposit Growth? Data Shows That You Aren't Alone

Yes, there is increased competition from national banks and digital-only competitors and yes, the market focus has shifted toward CDs and Money Market accounts. However, traditional checking acquisition programs have grown tired and no longer deliver the same results as in the past. 

Find out how your performance stacks up and what you can do to increase new checking account deposit growth.