Measurement Services


The MCIF is an essential tool for the cost-effective measurement of all marketing-related activities. Product penetration and cross-sell, customer retention and expansion, branch sales, officer books of business and more can all be accurately measured and reported to inform and improve campaign performance and overall strategy.

Performance scorecard

What gets measured gets managed. Scorecards provide management with a clear picture of how well the organization is performing against its business objectives. We can manage this process for you: Beginning with recommendations on key metrics to measure, and then measuring, reporting and distributing the scorecards.

Marketing and campaign performance

We believe that every marketing activity should target a 3:1 return on investment. That goal can only be reached if you have the discipline and ability to track, measure and fine-tune every campaign or promotion. We have the tools and processes to measure the success of all your marketing activities, whether they’re judged on revenue lift, new accounts, new customers, profitability or some other metric.

Branch performance

Even as more transactions are conducted via online and mobile channels, the branch remains central to new account and customer acquisition. We provide the tools to track branch transactions, sales, and customer experience and generate meaningful scorecards that help Retail executives manage for optimal performance.

Customer and associate engagement

The engagement of your associates dictates the experience your customers have working with you. The quality of that experience drives customer commitment and the willingness of customers to do more business with you. And customer commitment is the best indicator of future profitability and performance. We provide the tools and experience needed to not only measure these critical metrics but to help you make the findings actionable.