The best laid plans need pinpoint execution.

The inability to translate goals into action and engagement is the primary reason why the majority of all strategic projects within an organization fail. Ask yourself the question: Who in my organization do I entrust with major projects?

If you enlist the same handful of difference makers for every important project, you’re probably loading their already-full plates and creating an unintended roadblock. And what about those projects that require a level of expertise that isn’t available on staff? The result in either case is that key projects stall, opportunity is lost, and organizational frustration rises as progress toward strategic goals is slowed.

Make the decision to bring in a strategic partner with the expertise, focus and proven track record to execute on your organization’s priorities.

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I couldn’t be more pleased with our redesigned website and the process to get to “Go Live.” Galapagos listened to our desired objectives, and from design to functionality, brought to fruition a website that is both beautiful to look at while still achieving our primary objective: to make banking hassle-free and convenient for our customers. Efficient project management kept all the moving parts in motion and kept all the key players on track in meeting deadlines. Galapagos also worked seamlessly with third-party vendors to coordinate the look and function of multiple applications within the framework of the website. The end result is a website that has been described by an industry professional as being the best community bank website he’s ever seen. Since launch, we’ve experienced a growth in traffic in various metrics, including an astounding referral traffic growth of over 1,000% from the launch of the site!
— SVP Retail Banking & Corporate Marketing, east coast bank