White Papers

Strategic Marketing Improves Results - When your marketing budgets are trimmed at the same time production goals get bumped, how do you respond?

Omni-Channel in Action! - The challenge with the Omni-Channel debate is that it's long on theory and short on facts. Discussing strategies and plans is important, but what you really want to hear is results.

You're Willing to Bank Where? - Nearly half of millennials today would be willing to ditch their bank and use a computer company or a search engine instead.* Yes. 46% actually said they'd consider swapping Apple or Google for their current financial services provider.

Bits and Bricks: The Value of Branches in a Digital World

Brand Survey Findings - Mirror, mirror, on the wall! Who is the fairest bank of all?

Omni-Channel Discussion—Part 3 - Four Omni-Channel Strategies Emerge as Frontrunners

Omni-Channel Discussion—Part 2 - Where Does 93% of Your Growth Come From?

Omni-Channel Discussion—Part 1 - Cut Your Branch Network by 75% in Five Years

Small Business Strategy - What’s a New Small Business Customer Worth?

Branch Optimization - There’s no question that the branch remains a critically important part of the distribution mix, but how many does your bank really need?

Renewed focus softens budget cuts - Realigning budget allocations with the most likely opportunities for growth can help you maximize the impact of your remaining marketing budget.

Victim of budget cuts? The power of direct mail is often overlooked - The fact remains that well-designed, skillfully-targeted direct mail drives new accounts and revenue.

The Golden Years? The pre-retired segment offers unmatched revenue opportunities


Case Studies

Increasing Debit Card Usage - This $650 million bank in the Northeast had 41% of its checking account customers with an active debit card — slightly above average for community banks. The bank had seen steady, year to year increases in debit card volume, but when compared to top performing banks in the Galapagos community bank peer database, they appeared to have room to improve debit card usage and interchange revenue. read more

Increasing Electronic Channel Usage - This case study is based on a $240 million bank in the Midwest. Following an overhaul of their online banking platform and a redesign of their website, this community bank set the goal of increasing the percentage of customers using electronic services as they were lagging behind industry and peer group averages. read more

Strategic Planning for Long-term Growth - This Midwestern community bank had enjoyed dominant market share in its three-county market for many years. Recently, their position was threatened by three forces. read more

Checking Acquisition Strategy Retooled - This $2 billion community bank had been a long-time proponent of the Free-Checking-With-Gift strategy. However, facing a significant revenue decline from the Dodd-Frank legislation the bank hired Galapagos to evaluate its broader growth strategy. read more

Increasing Profit with Outsourced Marketing - In 2005, this Northeastern community bank was losing market share and households and experiencing significant asset and deposit run off. Its product line was tired, its distribution excluded it from 80% of the state’s growth, its marketing was inconsistent and nondescript, and its customers were dissatisfied. read more