Every year, Galapagos invests heavily in industry research, examining the needs and analyzing the behaviors of the 650,000 customer households in our Community Financial Institution Peer Database. Why?

Because insight is the basis of effective strategy.

Without it, you won’t know why your business matters to the customers and markets you wish to serve. Every business decision you make will risk misdirection of precious resources and undermining of your long-term business goals.

Insight seeks to answer questions that guide impactful strategy, such as:

  • What share of wallet do I have?

  • Who are my most valuable customers?

  • Where are my best growth opportunities?

Because most community FIs can’t afford to staff a full-time research function, we’ve assembled the tools, analysts and expertise you need to probe those questions that have the biggest impact on your strategy and business success.


  • Research

    • Peer database

    • Customer commitment

    • Employee engagement

    • Channel preference/use

    • Brand awareness

  • Opportunity Analysis

    • Customer and market segmentation

    • Customer base and current market potential

    • Branch growth opportunity

    • New market potential

  • Benchmarking

    • Customer base performance

    • Market performance

    • Branch and channel usage

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