When it comes to effective strategy design, there are no quick fixes.

Arriving at a plan that drives your business toward success requires vision, honest self-evaluation and the skillful alignment of resources with opportunity.

A major challenge that we see all too often is that community banks spread their resources too thin – trying to be all things to all people and ending up being not enough to anyone. And when plans fail to deliver, they clutch at the latest off-the-shelf tactic that promises quick results.

But there are no silver bullets. The hard work has to be put in to create a strategy that differentiates and creates real, sustainable competitive advantage. If you’re ready, we can help.

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We have worked with Galapagos since they opened their doors in 2007. They have done an outstanding job providing important customer analysis that helps us manage and grow our business. In addition, Galapagos has been a strategic partner, keeping us abreast of industry trends and helping us with product development as well as key marketing initiatives. When I attend bank forums with much larger banks, I find our research, data analysis and marketing programs are always cutting edge and sought after as examples. Their entire team is highly capable and wonderful to work with. They are responsive to our requests, some with short deadlines. Best of all, they understand how to work within your budgets.
— VP Director of Marketing, midwest bank