Customer Experience

Marketing Automation: Do Less with Greater Results

In many financial institutions, you’d be hard pressed to find a major initiative in which the marketing department doesn’t play a role. Now more than ever, you’re being asked to do so much more and often with fewer resources. If you’ve ever wondered how on earth you can balance these efforts and get it all done, you don’t need to clone yourself; you just need better tools.

With Savings Banks on the Decline, Is it Time for a Shift in Customer Strategy?

We've all heard it: The future of community and savings banks is at stake.

It's no secret that community banks are facing difficult times, and with the number of community FIs down 66% nationwide from just 23 years ago, something's got to give.  

One prominent Michigan-based community FI is partnering with Galapagos to meet the challenge head on with a new approach to customer strategy. Read on to understand the changes Eaton Federal Savings Bank is making to lead an industry in decline.