This community bank has a very long, rich history but realized it needed to grow more aggressively in order to remain relevant in its markets.


Build on the solid foundation and upward trajectory of the bank by creating a new brand platform that more authentically tells the story of what the bank can do to meet the needs of its customers, stimulate business and economic growth, and support the communities the bank serves.


  1. Assess the current brand – SWOT analysis, understand the needs of customers

  2. Identify the opportunity within the bank’s markets

  3. Conduct analysis of major competitors

  4. Identify brand attributes that are authentic and distinctive to the bank

  5. Develop creative alternatives that bring the brand attributes to life

  6. Refine chosen solution (or approach) based on internal work team’s review process

  7. Test new brand platform with existing customers and the marketplace

After an 18-month process, a new brand platform was launched, breathing new life into the old, 50+ year old logo and brand. The Galapagos team worked closely with an internal brand launch team to make it all happen. Recognizing that the constellation of the brand is more than just a pretty logo and colors, they worked together to identify actions and behaviors that help support and bring the new brand to life. Ensuring authenticity and the responsibility to be true to the brand has been key to the success of this launch.

“Galapagos was able to really help successfully guide this process along the whole way through. A brand change is such a visible initiative that touches every area of the bank. Galapagos did a great job of balancing the input of our internal team along with the market research to create a new brand identity we’re extremely proud of. Our brand launch was so well received, both internally and by customers!”
— Craig Cumberworth, Senior Vice President, Andover Bank