What the plight of a Mediterranean gecko
can teach us about adapting to market conditions.


There’s an uninhabited island in the Mediterranean called Giraglia, where a fascinating evolutionary chapter is unfolding. It involves a rock, a lighthouse, and two species of gecko: the European Leaf-Toed and the Moorish.

In any other location in Europe, the bigger, armored Moorish gecko would dominate. But not on Giraglia. Its sticky toe pads, perfect for clinging to concrete, can’t cope with the dusty surface of the island’s volcanic rock. Therefore, the Moorish gecko population is confined to a single concrete lighthouse structure – trapped by its inability to adjust to a new environment.


Prepare to evolve

Will your organization’s inability to adapt to new competitive challenges leave you stuck between (yes), a rock and a hard place?  With proper focus and resources, you can move past the status quo and ensure that you survive—and thrive.

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