Teri Ginther


After spending more than 25 years in the banking industry, most recently as Executive Vice President and COO of a $1.7 billion institution—and utilizing Galapagos as a marketing resource for more than 15 years—Teri Ginther has joined the Galapagos firm as a senior consultant in the Customer Strategy practice.

In her career, Teri has led organizational redesign in almost all facets of banking, including Retail, Business banking, Strategic planning, Technology and Marketing. With extensive experience in customer strategy design, culture development and brand strategy, Teri’s leadership as COO resulted in industry-high levels of customer commitment, dramatic improvements in customer lifetime value, and overall bank profitability. Teri’s broad base of expertise is invaluable in connecting the goals of strategy to the realities of the organizational frontline.

Teri is a passionate driver of change for community banks. When she isn’t leading bank improvement efforts, she is working to grow the economy in the form of ongoing grandchildren indulgences.