Jeremy Kane

Still retaining a hint of a British accent, our fearless leader has an affinity for (European) football, gardening, and Taco Bell chalupas.

Terry Bell

The reigning Grand Haven tennis champ and head of our west coast office, Terry always has a few zingers up his sleeve, a smile on his face, and a mountain dew on his desk.  

Dan DeWaal

Dan may not have a superiority complex, but he stands above us all (literally… his desk is taller than everyone else's.) If he's not out mountain biking, you just might catch him cheering for U of M while enjoying a White Russian.

Dixi Pline

Not old enough to have paid much attention to the OJ trial, but not young enough to understand the appeal of snapchat, Dixi is a lover of Indian food, the arts, and non-sport sports like bowling, darts, and putt-putt golf.

Stephen Willard

In contrast, Stephen prefers real sports – in his free time you'll often find him playing basketball or volleyball. He has also instituted a 3-day a week "bring your dog to work" policy that has increased office morale significantly. 

Sarah Turner

Sarah is a Mexican food aficionado. Her love of tacos and margaritas is only surpassed by her love of photography (her skills are far from amateur) and that great game, Cards Against Humanity.