Insight Services

Peer database

From a database of 650,000+ community bank customer households, we continually analyze banking trends and research customer perceptions to inform our strategy recommendations and program design.


  • Customer commitment - High levels of customer commitment correlate to higher customer profitability. Our survey process measures customer commitment, reveals what factors drive higher commitment in your organization, and provides recommendations to improve it.
  • Customer experience - Eighty percent of banks believe they deliver a superior customer experience but only eight per cent of their customers agree. Do you know how your customers rate you? We provide surveys that measure the quality of service your customers experience during account opening and branch transactions, as well as their online experience.
  • Employee engagement - The performance of your front line staff has the biggest impact on customer experience. Understand what factors influence their engagement and how to improve it.
  • Channel preference and use - How do customers use your delivery channels? How will their behavior change over time? Ongoing surveys into customer channel preference and review of customer channel use from our Peer database provide invaluable insight into the important question of channel strategy.
  • Brand awareness - Strengths traditionally associated with the community bank brand are becoming less distinct as they are copied by competitors. New ways to reposition your core strengths have to be found to engage customers. Understanding current perceptions of your brand is the requisite first step in this process.

Opportunity Analysis

Which customer segments drive the most revenue for your bank? Which afford the greatest long-term opportunity for growth? Why do customers buy from you? What’s the relative potential of the markets you serve? Could you do better by targeting certain segments of new markets? Without accurate answers to these questions, your marketing resources can’t be effectively prioritized to generate revenue growth. Our Customer and Market Growth Opportunity Assessments deliver insightful analysis of your customer base and markets and provide the basis for making informed decisions about the allocation of marketing dollars.

  • Customer and market segmentation
  • Customer base and current market potential
  • Branch growth opportunity
  • New market potential - We employ industry-leading databases to provide accurate demographic, psychographic and firmagraphic data to screen new markets for potential and fit with your business and growth objectives. Our unique methodology provides the most comprehensive and accurate evaluations of market potential available.


We’ve worked with hundreds of banks across the country. We also maintain a database of 650,000+ community bank customer households. We can compare your performance to peer in every meaningful category: Customer attrition, wallet share, same-store sales, product penetration, customer commitment, and more.

  • Customer base performance
  • Market performance
  • Branch and channel usage