Elizabeth Snyder


Elizabeth brings retail marketing experience into the banking industry.    

Elizabeth graduated with honors from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business majoring in Economics.  Curiosity led her to pursue a Master’s degree in economics at the University of Wyoming.

Her professional career began as a business analyst for a Michigan wholesale company.  Her interest in helping the company succeed led her to create a new marketing department, re-envision the company’s brand, and implement systemic change.

More recently, Elizabeth managed a team at a major retailer that led corporate marketing strategy and promotional planning.  While there, she redefined measurement of promotional activity leading to a change in strategy that delivered a better return on investment dollars. She was also responsible for developing the strategy and executing marketing tactics for store Grand Openings and stores facing competitive pressures. 

After a decade of marketing experience, Elizabeth desired to get back to her analytical roots.  This led her to the Business Intelligence Analyst role at Galapagos.  Her unique background of analytics and marketing is helping to put the strategy and systems in place behind the scenes to help Galapagos and its clients thrive. 

When she’s not diving into the data, Elizabeth attempts to keep her sanity by pulling weeds in her garden and being silly with her two sons.